And We’re Off

The day started like any other, except when I asked Dave if he’d like to go to England, he actually said “yes!” this morning! Well, then…let’s go to London by God! 

After loading our suitcases up, Dave packed up the kitties and took them to their little vacation home away from home at The Cat’s Inn whe Lexie & Smokey will enjoy luxury accommodations sharing town-house unit. 

The taxi Dave arranged picked us up at the house. Let’s just say the driver and his car left a little to be desired, but he got us to the bus station safely and on time. That’s all that mattered! 

We ate our previously store-bought sandwiches at the bus station, then we boarded our south-bound ride to Portland where we picked up another south-bound bus to Logan Airport in Boston. Let’s just say bus travel has improved significantly since I last took a bus trip. Free Wifi, a full-length movie was shown and water was offerered. A very comfortable and easy couple of hours for our first leg of our journey. 

Upon arriving at Logan airport, we quickly checked our only two pieces of luggage, made it through security without incident (no, the metal coils & stent in my brain did not set the metal detector off), then we made our way to the food court for dinner and watched the planes take off until our boarding time. 

This is the first time I have flown since 2005 and I was a little nervous. Dave and I were both expecting a large plane, but it turned out to just be a LONG plane. We were both surprised at how narrow the seats were, even for a plane. Neither one of us weree looking forward to sitting for six hours, but even less so once we sat in these seat! Dave sat on an aisle and I was in the middle. Our hopes we’d have the whole row to ourselves were soon dashed, but the young, thin young man who sat next to me was very nice, quiet and well behaved. We SO lucked out. 

As much as Dave and I both new we’d have to try and get some sleep on the flight, it was not meant to be. I believe we felt we both did some “heaving resting”, but that was it. Seats wer uncomfortable, people kept bumping Dave whe they’d walk by and meals were served at odd times. I’ve NEVER eaten lasagne at 10:00 at night, but I did on the plane. The food was actually quite good and we both enjoyed our meals. 

The in-flight movie was WE BOUGHT A ZOO. I really didn’t have any desire to watch it, so listened to music on my iPad and tried to read, but my eyes were so tired I couldn’t concentrate. Dave listened to Pocasts on his iPad. Oh, the joys of modern technology! 

A six hour flight, but we lost five hours……to be continued on Saturday when we get off the plane.


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